5-Star reviews

Camille's new show 'The Carny Dream' is taking Edinburgh by storm with 5-star reviews in The Times and Ed Fest Magazine. The show runs until the 22nd August, ticket links are on the TOUR section of the site.

Ed Fest Magazine. Rating: *****

Camille O’Sullivan is a talented singer whose new show The Carny Dream allows her to showcase her versatile vocal range. O’Sullivan gives stunning renditions of a diverse playlist of songs, from Nick Cave’s Into My Arms to Prince’s Purple Rain and a David Bowie tribute thrown in for good measure.

O’Sullivan is assisted by the creative set and costume design, all working together to create a visually captivating images as she swings across the audience on a trapeze while she sings. 

Camille O’Sullivan: The Carny Dream is one of the best shows currently on at this year’s Fringe. O’Sullivan manages to create a spellbinding experience that should not be missed by anyone interested in seeing any musical acts this year

Posted 17 August, 2016