• "This mesmerising singer delves deep with conviction, abandon and great love to hypnotic effect"

    MOJO MAGAZINE 4 Star Review
  • A Courageous and Singular Performer, Camille is one of the most gifted interpreters of narrative songs yet to appear

    The Irish Times
  • When she sings it's as though her breath is soaked in paraffin; one spark, and the whole room would ignite.

    Daily Telegraph
  • Raunchy, dangerously fragile…an exceptional voice

    Edinburgh Evening News
  • "She burns just as bright as Cave, if not brighter. Where Cave longs to see the face of God, O’Sullivan danced last night with the ecstasy of one who has seen Him and lived to tell the tale."
  • "Piaf lives again...O'Sullivan is spellbinding"

    Sunday Times
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