Camille Track included on Mojo Mag CD Tribute to Nick Cave

Camille's version of Jubilee Street is included on Mojo Magazine's special CD for their tribute to Nick Cave , alongside Primal Scream, Mick Harvey, Conway Savage, The Lemonheads..

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Recent Australia/NZ Tour Reviews

"She burns just as bright as Cave, if not brighter. Where Cave longs to see the face of God, O’Sullivan danced last night with the ecstasy of one who has seen Him and lived to tell the tale."

"Hearing O'Sullivan was like witnessing a reincarnation of the most extraordinary female vocalists. At times she had the storyteller's talent of Patti Smith, the timbre of Marianne Faithful, the deadpan of Nico and the jet-engines started to roar and we got a touch of Janis Joplin" Auckland Festival

Posted 10 May 2020


Posted 19 August, 2020