At Home with Camille (losing it in lockdown....)


Little films of songs in diff parts of house filmed over one day in lockdown on an iphone, we made for my first online gig for Cork Midsummer Festival 'At Home with Camille' (losing it in lockdown..) Thought it would be nice to begin from the moment we woke up in the morn to when we slept at night a wee journey through the house and outside to car and garden...filmed by aidan gillen, some by me on selfie,  and makeup by 7 year old daughter. Dancing on the kitchen table, little lullaby under the festoon lights in the garden by the tent, singing in the car..Was fun to learn how to edit on imovie and sing while hoovering...

you can watch click link here on At Home with Camille Youtube Clip
it was broadcast Sunday 21 June 8pm watch above

Posted 7 March, 2016